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tv   Small Business Commission 21317  SFGTV  February 14, 2017 8:00am-10:01am PST

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of our episodes at sf quick until next time, may the fork be with you. ♪ ♪ >> so chocolaty. mm. ♪ >> oh, this is awesome. oh, sorry. i thought we were done rolling. ♪ >> okay okay. this is is regularly of the small business commission held on monday, february 13, 2017, the meeting is called to order at 53 p.m. of small business commission thanks media skifrz and sdmovd that can be viewed on
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challenge 78 or member of the public please take the opportunity to silence your phones public comment is limited to 3 minutes unless established by the officers not required to and spell your last name for the record will cards will help to assure speakers names speakers will be called in the order in the basket and additionally a sign-in sheet sfgovtv can be please show the slide good evening the only new or existing business. office of small business is your first stop when you have a question about what to do next and it is the feliz so if you need assistance with small
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business matters start here. all of the services are free of charge the small business commission is the official public forum to talk about policies that affect the small businesses if you need assistance start here at the small business commission thank you tema call to order i want to feet that commissioner zouzounis provided 72 hours and commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena is not present yet and commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley and commissioner zouzounis is absent mr. president, you have quorum
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on today's calendar and suggest necessary agendas for the commission's future consideration. commission's future consideration. (discussion item.) >> to we have my members of the public that wants to comment on anything not on the agenda seeing none, public comment is closed. okay >> item 3 discussion and possible action on legacy business registry applications and discussion and possible action to approve the following applications to the registry discussion and possible action flax and real food company and not at that particular time our presenter is from the legacy business program. >> and oh, the procedural note all applications will be considered together under the commission or public requests otherwise and will be considered as a separate item can you cue the power point
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sfgovtv. >> it is not on yet. >> oh, yes. >> good evening commissioner white legacy business program 34rg 3 applications for the businesses to be in the legacy business registry the applications were reviewed by my for completion and simulated so the planning department staff an december 19th for their review the historic preservation commission reviewed the applications on january 18th and made recommendations to the small business commission each applicant your packet contains a draft resolution the application the case report if planning department and from the historic preservation commission there are copies on the table for the public item 3 a a flax art and design the business a third generation
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art supply services that served san francisco since 1938 with arts and craft serving students artists and hobbyists and other folks flax is relocated several times and had a location on market street for 38 years they recently moved to oakland but maintain a presence in the city with a 5 thousand square feet fort mason it officers hands on demonstrations it's annual kids festive a live publication of art donation to local schools and nonprofits item 3 b is real food company the business is an independent small business selling non-gourmet foods with local
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brands the original owners were local located at the stanyon street and by 19977 stories in the bay area in 2002 allen sold the fillmore to stephen hahn and 3 of the stores to an international corporation for a subsidy inc. the fillmore store closed last year leaving the policies store the last remaining real food company store that prides itself is an independently owned food company item 1920 c is the inc. it is a local independent retail establishment selling high end men's wear founded in 1986 by
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march and rolland both continue to own the business and it consists of two stores business supports the collection of international fashion and specialize in the designers and brand offering form wear business casual and sports it features it's on clothing line and brand all 3 businesses got a positive recommendation from the historic preservation commission after reviewing the laksz they've met the criteria for the legacy business there are 3 draft resolutions for consideration by the small business commission one for each of the legacy businesses applications note that emotion a motion in favor
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of a resolution that concludes my presentation. but i have comments i'd like to mention about the different applicants so i'm not sure how many speakers we have here to speak on behalf of the businesses i got a note if the gentleman not able to be here and diving deep into things he apologizes for notburg to be here and the other gentleman is attending a states hearing he feels the company is a great asset to san francisco in the last 319 years and been a solid business in lower times. >> they're part of the commercial fabric of san francisco and gives thanks to their clients they offer clothing and the small boutique company he believes they're one
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of only two he apologizes couldn't attend but has been in business for 319 years and appreciate if their awarded legacy business status that concludes my presentation. i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners. >> i have a question is flax a continental approval bans their assess they've moved their headquarters and only recently opened. >> the original legislation the considerations this is the first one this has ton headquartered in san francisco but that is deleted from - they have a have a preparedness if san francisco they do. >> i thought the presented had to have a continuity to it. >> they've had a physical presence break in the city for more than 3 years but not a
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break because fort mason and market street was still open. >> it's a same their sole presence is here but were glad they're here and commissioners any other questions open up for public comment before we do public comment i'll remind you have for this particular part of meeting two minutes and hear a chime for 30 seconds left and then who you hear the second chime and not because we're trying to be rude we have to maintain a very tight controls on the monument public comment can be heard so we will open up for public comment members of the public that wants to comment on those items. >> no representatives from anyone okay there you have it be public comment is closed. >> so do we have a motion or my any other discussions.
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>> i want to make a come on flax and the other company i know them very, very well, first flax has on a staple in the neighborhood and been good people and you know he's gotten involved in the neighborhood and sadie moved his headquarters to oakland but maintaining a presence in the city and mark from the other company been a great member of castro merchants in the neighborhood he does do it different changes that up a changing tied and at a point he's a good man and that's his inch and done it very, very well, in the neighborhood for thirty years and definitely part
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of fantastic of my neighborhood i want to put that out there. >> 3 great candidates for the legacy business registry do we have a motion. >> i move. >> i'll second. >> okay. >> the motion to approve those the legacy businesses registry resolution sorry for the to add those applicant for the legacy business registry modest and commissioner dooley and seconded by commissioner yee-riley correct. >> call the roll. >> commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena is absent commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner yee-riley and commissioner zouzounis is absent that motion passes 5 to zero fantastic. >> building the registry brick
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by brick. >> okay. >> next item. >> all right. item number 4 discussion and possible action to make recommendations on the board of supervisors file planning code calle quarto sud men and women the planning code for the calle quarto special use district to reflect it by 22 street and chavez and scape street and 14th street the bartlett and more specifically defined in the ordinance summarizing the planting under the ceqa to make the findings of consistency with the general plan and the policies of planning code section one 0 one point one our perpetrators are
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diana at the office of economic workforce development and diego sanchez legislative analyst an unwarranted planner at the planning department. >> oh, and to have supervisor hillary ronen. >> thank you. good evening office from hillary ronen just wanted to make a couple of introductory remarks the latino cultural district attracts people from all over the world to have photographs of the murals and buy a cup of coffee at the phil's coffee and line up for ice cream but the filipino cultural district is far more a
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regional hub for the latino folks 8 thousand lairpdz e laipz have been displaced and latino families are coming back to go to church or pick up a copy of the local newspaper or to pat rinses one of the many restaurants an area that many mom and pop shops have strurnd to stay open not because of declining sales but evictions and finally the latino cultural district it around the boundaries that rely on neighborhoods severing businesses along the 0 corridor to go about any daily lives taking their kids for after-school programs or shopping for groceries or meeting up with friends for
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diner supervisor hillary ronen is proud to have co-introduced the kwaurnt and through the sud we see what makes this an attractive and changing commercial corridor the sud sets aside and makes room for retail and personal services and also welcomes new businesses to support the rich latino history and that are committed to local hiring and working with other entrepreneurs and businesses along the corridor and supporting the legacy businesses like all of you know brought into the registry that contributed to the neighborhood for more than thirty years this sud is one of many, many tools in a tool in the toolbox strategies that enhances the corridor you'll hear from detainee from the mayor's office
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from the investment to the neighborhood that will show support for the corridor we hope to have your responsibility as. >> consider that legislation and welcome our feedback and finally supervisor hillary ronen wanted to send her support from the office of economic workforce development to leaning and (calling names) and to diego sanchez from the planning department you'll be hearing from and mirena burns from the city attorney's office that helped us to develop this legislation thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners before i begin i want to thank the supervisor hillary ronen's office and sheila for her help and the planning department as well as the city attorney's office it has been only through their
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support we've been able to get to this point today in the following presentation i'd like to provide a little bit of context and overview how we got to this point as well as the purview of some of the proposed regulations for the special use district as some of you may be familiar are the calle quarto is part of the invest commercial corridors 25 corridors around the city to develop economic strategies and working in partnering with the interdepartmental initiative on behalf of the mayor's office so in that slide i want to point to was the boundary of what the special use district covers the latino considerate district in the light blue that was passed by a resolution in 2014 but didn't have my regulations
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it was a recognition of folks in the area this special use district is on top of latino cultural district that excludes properties facing mission district a few at the corner sorry one more point to this we have along calle quarto one and 82 businesses on the ground floor and in the total area estimated three hundred businesses so the intent of the regulations that are specifically on commercial properties there is 3 regulations a few components proposed by the maintaining i mainly to preserve the corridor and makes that special the storefronts and the maintaining the diversity of the services
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and help to protect some of the legacy businesses it is no secret of all the cultural latino cultural assets that existing within the corridor that's why the corridor exists the latino cultural district because of the high concentration of cultural landmarks and institutions and murals, etc. some of the things that sheila mentioned attracts people to the area we also have many legacy businesses or businesses that have been in operation m that may quality for more than 32, 22 owns are property owners so we want to make sure that we continue to preserve some of these. >> while the cultural district
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a historic and the assets are part of economic strategies the attraction lends to the area creating natural businesses and institutions and has an experience that can't be replicated and creates opportunity and challenges by retail the cultural district is a catalytic attracting opportunities for workforce and across the economic specters the next slide is a timeline of how this began and how the sud was developed in 2013 came in with assessing the district the needs and supporting the legacy businesses a huge priority in the area the latino resolution followed with interim controls that prohibit sftv to protect the small storefront character
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that will be substituted by the sud regulations so in general our services slit 20/20 a dual strategy for the technical assistants they need on the ground to preserve their time and help the market forces and on the other hand, to help the assets that attract the people and benefit the businesses the current retail mix we believe to be very good mix 23 percent retail, 23 percent - 32 a the 11 percent shown represented those businesses that maybe opted out by not necessarily open to the public or includes businesses that are under construction
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the actual leasable spaces is 5 percent a health and safety retail corridor. >> over the years we have seen a trend in increasing eating and drinking establishment and offset by the loss of some of the special food and retail and personable professional services so, now to the proposed regulations the summon of those through this special use district we proposing to engross a threshold for eating and drinking establishment a cap at 35 percent and percent feet of a location people can come in to an eating and drinking establishment 2 provides a threshold limit if you want to change the retail for that would be helpful businesses into
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eating and drinking and however not a prohibition that allows for a change of use you can change it over time allows room for people to come in new restaurants to be added to the corridor the other proposed resolution is the modified krufbs to trigger the criteria to meet the cultural district and the suspending it motives the storefront mergers currently the conditional use authorization triggered at the emerged storefronts for the 200 plus for 24th street month have small we lowered to that is conditional use for the storefront mergers and requires conditional use authorization for storefronts that have been previously
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occupied by a legacy business that has a sunset of 3 years they remain vacant after 3 years will not apply it will require constructive for a medical service so part of input we heard from the storefront merger that people are supportive of some type of controls but not prohibition so we looked at the conditional use authorization as that tool to weigh if on new businesses come in and to welcome them into the district and allow guidance in terms of how to contribute to that district. >> so i wanted to go quickly with the existing conditional use what those are the list so on slide 14 the existing cu in the gray we're supposedly to add 3 additional ones.
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>> and then in addition two once introduce the process of conditional use have to respond back to how you'll contribute to the character of the special use district you will have to meet 4 out of 6 criteria those criteria include meanwhile e meeting the physical character and trying to maintain within the district supporting local latino art or local art and crafts maintaining a legacy business making our services to households with low income households and forming partnership and supporting local partnerships we'll be a indirect link to supporting this i want to mention this is the
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character that exists within the district all the assets businesses are doing they're hanging local art on the calls walls and selling that a jewelry store we have jewelry stores that sell local injury so those were developed from what we saw as existing and people characterize in the district. >> the next list shows all these - there's 18 uses in the past years none of those listed happened will trigger the proposed resolution so we tried to balance between protecting the existing businesses at the same time allowing new businesses to come in the area and so that's how those regulations were developed and
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being mindful to allow for change on average between 2003 and 2014 we have the business turnover on average per year along the corridor. >> and lastly the proposed regulations are not meant to solve for everything as mentioned in many programs and services that will support the continued vibrancy of the corridor increasing marketing efforts to attract people and support the existing businesses as well as providing services to those that wanted to come in and reaching out to them how they can build into the district and be part of it for the wealth of everybody in it and before i conclude i want to mention the language that was
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submitted some of it included some language modifications and finding we didn't have initial that was included 2, 3, 4 there and removes the existing legacy business if the fell off the legacy not as conditional use we made the language clear so that way if you're an existing legacy business not into there the cu only in the case a business comes into a location that was previously opted out by a lesbian i would like to that's my presentation before we go further i want to quibble introduce diego sanchez and he'll give an overview of the planning department. >> good evening, commissioners
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diego sanchez planning department staff on february the city staff present the language controls for the sud to the planning commission staff felt that adding that concentration controls can help a diverse use and prevent one from dominating the corridor requiring the conditional use authorization for the replacement of legacy business addresses the needs to maintain the area character and found it is of the prop j in the general plan recognizing the benefits that long term retailers provided to the neighborhood character requiring the conditional use ask a lot of smaller storefronts that are necessary and desirable and compatible with the neighborhood staff was also in support of the 6 to 8 purposes as they seek to
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that are woven into the character of 24th street and of the sud in general and public comment at the commission hearing was overwhelmingly in favor of the sud the planning commission echo the support and concern of the implementation and staff recognized those and side sud implicit recognizes many use purposes will require a multi agency font before the mayor's office and other public agencies city february 9th hearing they voted unanimously to remedy the sud to the board of supervisors with an amendment for which have been for the eating and drinking concentration controls that concludes my presentation. thank you. >> commissioners my questions
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or comments commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> i have a question a point of clarification i see you have let's go to slide number 3. >> just you have a demarcation in red and said it is most of mission street that. >> that is the protrusion along 24th street. >> yes. that's correct. >> what is the logic behind excluding fisher 9 for the boundary what's the purpose of including mission street from the sud. >> so mission street so most of focus on 24th street a lot of the character of the analysis that we studied is before the character of the 24th street which is a more neighborhood smaller type of corridors the
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character is different than mission street the storefront is a vacancy rate, etc. so we're actually going to be undergoing an analysis on mission street and that effort to appropriately you know decide whether the zoning controls are working that extend bart street because of the character on 24th street the sheriff's is step up to the plate up to bart and it xhachd some of the legacy businesses that includes mission currently on the registry. >> so this business corridor can be handled separately than an sud. >> that's correct. >> on the caesar chavez side of things all the business fronts are included in the this.
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>> yes. they're facing on that side of the street so it is the way the boundary is the neighborhood serving so those blocks; right? they're on the side of caesar chavez those businesses can serve the internal resident and a few on this i mean more at the corner yeah. >> and the 22 street as well the businesses facing 22 street if any i see- blocks facing. >> that's correct. >> those will be considered part with the exception of the mission with the specification addressed separately with the long 24th street. >> that's correct. >> thanks. >> commissioner dooley first, i want to say congratulations and putting this together makes a world of difference and
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i hope you have a lot of success with this and one question what is the percentage of formula retail in the new district. >> you know i don't know the answer to that we don't say very many. >> i was curious about that in that i was surprised to see it was what cu seeing that formula retail way presented to your desired you know area i was wondering about that. >> maybe one or two comes to mind the paint store. >> starbuck's on that list and we don't have a starbuck's in this neighborhood but the original phil's coffee we're proud of that. >> you might want to consider i'm from north beach so the fact that chinatown and north beach
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don't have any formula retail has really been a boom to our neighborhood not only in that note waste of time of the people that work in the neighborhood coming out to not - >> have a starbuck's come in. >> one very primary location is mcdonald they've updated and really served the seniors in the neighborhood they've been out there with a mural open that corner it's been there many, many years with the formula retail we made that attempt to you know contribute back to the neighborhood you know really be a neighborhood serving business. >> okay. >> commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i want to thank supervisor ronen for initiating that and
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diana and eric i want to recognize him, i know he's been on the scenes and championing the folks and want to recognize to your point on commissioner dooley only two benjamin murals and mcdisoriented even 24th street street i grew up there and a restaurant in front of the chavez so not enough but one step in the right direction and 24th street is more like green as opposed to to broadway that's how the difference mission is different than 24th street and want to say thank you thank you for all your hard work and recognizing the little folks in the neighborhood like cesar chavez old pharmacy it is only a few businesses and self-serve
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the inner circle thank you for figuring out thank you. >> commissioners my other questions open up for public comment anyone wish to comment on this item. >> come on up. >> good evening, commissioners i'm eric i'm the council president and thank you for the calle quarto and thank you. the mayor's office of economic workforce development their work and bringing this together and diego from the planning department and supervisor hillary ronen's for working with us and helping us get this far today who we are the calle quarto we're the little rock we're so - we have a high concentration of
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murals in san francisco we house the caesar chavez festival and many other smaller festivals we have this the essence of 24th street we keep it together and if that area so this - these regulations will help us maintain that for the future help us maintain the small storefronts and stabilize the rents in the area it will help keep the character of the corridor as we see it today and also to maintain a health and safety food and retail mix we've seen in the past a lot of the laundry mats and clothing opening restaurant. >> working closely with the street merchant that have a concern about too many restaurant along the corridors and the traffic during the day
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that will help to maintain the health and safety balance we've hope you support those also thank you. >> thank you. >> any public comment on this item. >> my name is - i'm one the owners of the cafe located across the street for 12 years our business in the corridor my restaurant is in this with my restaurant from my restaurant which is a family - family restaurant me and my parents and sisters and parent survived thanks to the harked of
8:41 am
my sisters and myself i'm asking for your support for those and assure that the restaurant like mine will continue to drive and to provide goods for the community we're surrounded by schools and children throughout i think we have 6 elementary schools other than so my restaurant serves diane food added affordable prices a family place we have mexican hot chocolate you can't find in the city like mexican hot chocolate that contains grernts i'm hoping for your support thank you very
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much. >> hi good afternoon. i'm louis and with a bakery since 1977 we moved to san francisco in 1972 at invitation of an aunt that has a bakery right across from la victoria we had a bakery in 1965 we're here and now we've seen the big changes not only in terms of the space of the community but what goes in and out of there and a lot of the bike sharing that goes into the community comes from outside it is been that way i think 40 percent from the outside i'm talking about families that used to live in the mission come back to reminisce just for the sense
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ever belonging again as most of us understand that the housing in the mission went crazy and within 15 or 20 years it is totally gone we don't have people living in the front or back of us that shop in our stores i make a comment in the past they have beans and religious and fruits could exist on the street and make an economic 1 that street similar to the fillmore and so again so much to say and so little time i support anything that is going to help us maintain that sense of identity sitting and listening to the comments i remember going to chinatown when we had kids i think that
8:44 am
guess maybe the future the corridor where people from the outside visit san francisco within an intention showing their relatives to come if south dakota and mexico and want to take them to place they feel a connection or culturally vibrant and wants to entertain them and 24th street has the potential for the chinatown that broadway or columbus street and again with support of people like the gentleman and all the people in the past that supported all the endeavors of our small business community i hope you'll vote in favor of whatever the cd or sud. >> sud. >> a new term thank you and it is seems like in the in the
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right direction so i hope you pass it thank you. >> thank you very much. >> my other comments seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you all for coming out tonight. >> and voicing your opinion any other discussion. >> commissioner adams. >> that is excellent legislation and first of all, diana your all over the place in the mission and what you've done in the neighborhood in the last few years you're there and then i want to say with commissioner ortiz-cartagena said about eric i've known you for 20 years and you've been fighting to get those changes done i think it is awesome on 24th street to keep the character and culture alive one
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speaker said like chinatown people want to go to different culture friends in the medicaid midwest we go to the mission for real mexican food and exercise the latino rock and thank you eric for your work on 24th street and that whole neighborhood we've seen the changes and what you've done to keep the character is awesome so keep up the good work and i totally support this legislation. >> commissioner yee-riley. >> yes. question for diana chinatown was mentioned several times during the presentation i'm notso.
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>> - so those regulations will apply to those. >> one and 82 on 24th street and by my one and 18 are scattered in the district boundary. >> that's correct. >> uh-huh. >> well, thank you. >> all right. you're welcome. >> thank you. >> my other questions or comments all right. do we have a motion. >> i move i second. >> motion to recommend approval by sorry by commissioner ortiz-cartagena and seconded by commissioner adams. >> yep. >> all right. commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner president dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian
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commissioner yee-riley >> and commissioner zouzounis is absent that motion is approved unanimously 6 to store with one absent awesome thank you very much. >> okay next item, please. >> okay. >> item number 5 approval of malia cohen minutes action item and this is the january 23, 2017, draft minutes. >> any discussion. >> any public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed. do we have a motion. >> i move you i'll second. >> >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that item passes 6 to zero. >> 5 zero commissioner
8:51 am
ortiz-cartagena is not here. >> oh, thank you very much. >> 5 to zero with two absent okay. thank you. >> great. >> all right. item number 6. >> meeting preparations and discussion in meeting. >> so commissioners first, i want to thank you for thank you for your time to provide staff with feedback on taking a look at at our request to can we automate some of the information not automate but provide digitized thank you for that so minica will provide you with a quick synopsis of your feedback in regards to the tablets utilization of the
8:52 am
materials and perhaps more discussion now is the time for me to make sure i have clear direction to work with the budget and it department to gun to look at this and provide your needs so minica i'm going to turn it over to and have you provide that summary. >> commissioners a page that looks like this in your - it was handed out to you separately and so we're going to do an overview of the more logical items so some of the general preferences you expressed regarding agenda packet for timing, seems like 4 to 7 days
8:53 am
before the meeting a framework close to 7 days the final agenda most of you like to see the materials before the legislation and before it is scheduled are reviewed available to you and documents pertaining to context policy issues it is you'd like to receive those a couple of months before their heard at the commission. >> and that would be with hyper links in e-mail and you noted you'd like to have the time to notify the stewards and have clear deadlines for the materials with the time and then there were
8:54 am
commissioners that expressed preference for tablets and others for binder the recommendations i'll make moving in the direction of the zero waste policy to purchase 3 tablets two would be assigned and one so other commissioners can experiment with the other tablet and the functionality i'll need a little bit more detail you'd like to see if it is tentative or larger or preferred due to the programs you'd like to have on there and possible wifi connection itself and you noted some documents you've expressed for tablets but
8:55 am
want documents as a hardcopy during the meeting and then some commissioners expressed preference for format and want to clarification on when it is high volume high page documents i don't fully understand the feedback with hard copies or would like to receive by e-mail so i need clarification any public comment on this item? >> would the tab let's stay here or checked out. >> they will stay here they'll stay with minica. >> that is what i was thinking beyond why we don't need anyone but a reader first of all, this is distracting and not paefshgs to the conversation trying to
8:56 am
present the documents and then in terms of distribution of all materials i would prefer to see them always in pdf so the documents what about edited and whether their distributed in forms but generally speaking a document that is static so present problems today especially, as many people have moved away from microsoft so pdf is preferenceable. >> if we have something we're all kurntd getting should be the platform so those are my comments. >> i have some comments about the notes
8:57 am
i think the if, in fact, we move from paper to electronic digital we ought to have the possibility to take notes so, so is that we can have you know kind of a tablet and also use a paper tablet if i may just make sense for some of us. >> all your notes will be on the public record anything you do on the tablets will be public records. >> that will be - that's part of sunshine ordinance the choice that the commission hesitate has to make to preserve or not on
8:58 am
the having said that, i i don't have a set of taking not for a purpose if you want to preserve your notes part of record. >> part of anyway, i building that your notes during the meeting are part of record. >> it is whether on paper or electronically stored in that tablet is assigned to you i think that since we're talking i think i personally practically speaking i am flooded with paper i have a tendency to take the papers me to the office and making color copies and makes
8:59 am
sense for us to think about the policies of the city and save on paper and another thing that we are hindering 4ir7b9d in our ability to have all of our tools available to us so there are documents that pertain to us in our part of our record worked on that allows us to be more effective this pad opposite up that possibility so when we say we have documents that will be set back to us months ahead how will we protect them relying on a binder that can only be limited and limiting
9:00 am
so i very much encourage this commission to in favor of you know empowering each other of having the access for the information and that way save. >> i'm all for it. >> that's the bottom line i think what i don't understand from my if i may continue we're talking about two tablets and or two assigned and one floating that means some of us don't want tablets that don't want tablets to have the documents on the tablet that was sent before the meeting are for other meetings i want to clarification what assess can i have for the
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documents that are part of record. >> i rearly if ever print anything i'm reading the distributed materials on my computer whether on my phone or ipad or computer i will occasionally print something but know all the materials will be in the binder or distributed when i get here i would like to see everything digital i only wish this screen as poor instructions i'd like to see o consoles repurposed and retrofitted as that digital window i don't want to take the ipad with me i understand the
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idea they'll stay here so you know for me, i guess the notion i might be taking notes and shoot that out to myself in a meeting or part of protocol and get sent to you're in basket no assess unless a repottery not here if this device purpose is sole to be used i'll be looking at it as a viewer take a piece of paper not because i don't want anyone to see them that's how i operate an explosion of arresting kicking off and
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wanting to be arrest kicked off i want to see what commissioner ortiz-cartagena wrote on the sidebar and saw him wiggling something so i want to not archive all the stuff and weird if we - i made notes so i don't know how that work. >> leave that to the individual commissioners and i noticed if i may i don't want to hog the conversation but one more comment that we get e-mails and things and before the meeting relating to this sheet and have a fragment by the way, we're not supposed to use this during the meeting we have a
9:04 am
staggered documents will make us more organized if we're given a record the issue of taking notes and otherwise not a - >> but i think that organizing it data from the meanwhile meeting meeting is crucial sometimes, i feel like i need something in my fingers so i don't know if i'm asking more than i shed if an option available to us like to think - >> i don't need my any of the paper i'll assume that is on a tablet whether it is staying for a second or third digital display that's fine i'm sorting through that and you know if -
9:05 am
the problem this becomes a bigger project that is an information prop challenge what i would like to see a little box box the agenda there's this and that and everything is sort of out a digital binder where i'll tab through it i want to get back to the agenda actually i'm not interested i forgot to look at something that was coming up we're operating what we're paying attention so with the presentation - presently given but not necessarily the ability to navigate through that like paper it is great it is easy; right? but i would like to get through the paper it is incredibly wasteful i didn't take this stuff home. >> whaeb what about the legacy
9:06 am
businesses we had the chance to look at that should you not have that available and that's fine. >> available during the meeting to defer to it and get specific comments that are made to the recipient there is relevant so what i'm doing is printing a lot of this flooded with paper. >> yeah. >> i've accumulated i think a lot of stuff that is repetitive in the file. >> okay. >> enough said. >> i would have made notes not printed out the document and highlighted and brought that with me probable perhaps a photograph paragraph but the easiest to deal with i
9:07 am
don't carry papers around with me in my briefcase i'm all in on eliminating paper and waste so without get into an it thing expensive it pro-active it you know activity. >> so most of boards i serve on that's what they do they have a tablet and say where the nonprofit is and for staff it is so much easier to manipulate and adjust the paper and go over and back and forth how much time if you qualify the time forgot the more work. >> how does that work can you talk about how the programs and
9:08 am
what kind of. >> we illicit like one nonprofit i sit on not ipads but kindles whatever they're exactly like this. >> the agendas you read them and the same as a binder and a couple of people on some of the boards that are looking for paper i agree if you want paper that's fine i like black berries i've switched you know that's how i function better; right? so it is what it is but your time to have all the data collected and it will make our life easier i was one of the be first ones i don't know what happens with that paper and look for the pieces that are blank and i'm seeing the accounting i'm old school but goes into the recycling bin >> i was interested in what
9:09 am
commissioner president dwight said from is there my way to update the screens. >> i don't know and i think they're working on it. >> they can function as our tablets that to me will be a good thing. >> you're going to have to send - populate the materials on the device woorpd and whether disseminating it with the it addresses or with the units whether whatever, whatever the tab let end up being you know have to come up with a system for b doing that i'll be surprised if not things out there today like your nonprofit boards a system for it but someone that has been playing around with all the paper and
9:10 am
providing large groups of smaller or large groups of delegates with other materials. >> i'll have to google that. >> see what's out there. >> i'm totally down with getting rid of of the paper and eliminating the waste easy to navigate through the documents. >> is this an action or discussion. >> a discussion. >> depending on the number and determine that so the director can put in the budget request so i'm - yes. i definitely didn't want to pressure anyone to the last 3 tablets but, however, i think feedback from other people i'm not sure if this is the correct number or not
9:11 am
and if perhaps the other respondents did want a tablet. >> is the number of tablets in response that you have that is reflected here recommended purchase of two tab let's bans the responses of the commissioners so only 3 have's-2 have been in favor of tablets. >> out of 5. >> out of 5 okay. >> i'm not sure what the other 5. >> have 5 responded. >> who out of 2 who may be that person that said, yes. >> (laughter). >> i'm trying to guess i think it is fine. >> no objection go for it. >> my other commissions doing it. >> anyone e-mail to us we can print what we want to it is too
9:12 am
late to read it anyway when we get here. >> my other commissions tackling this. >> other commissions are business oriented. >> laughter they still have quite a bit of paper documents. >> city hall would be interested in eliminating paper. >> are you making those useless items to read i mean that would be helpful like you can't see what is on the menu. >> we have to have this we can't read it on this. >> on the building issues. >> there was a survey sent to all the commissions about in terms of commission staff feedback so and so there working with
9:13 am
that information which i don't know the specific outcome in terms of the technology they're looking but we can inquiry into that so. >> but i'll say listening for it and lead the way. >> sure. >> okay. >> so if that's the case the way i would box.
9:14 am
>> i'm a heavy note takinger myself when i read the legislation especially for myself because of my deck has no more space i think you will want to have once you receive the document at home safe 24 with our own initial somewhere that will have to be assessable here
9:15 am
and if i can turn on all the devices in the wifi connected location an hour before the meeting can i that way when you get home or whatever would sync up and commissioner adams would. >> what is the difference within sending us an e-mail with a link to get there the e-mail instead of a box. >> in the e-mail you'll be ahsha safai that locally on your computer and if you print it you'll have a copy but if you safe that on your computer at home are the text boxes. >> sometimes, i print a couple
9:16 am
of packages like the meeting minutes i just read it and so everything is okay. then i would approve that. >> i think family was there is a problem in the banking institutions or other institutions you can't assess the box but the concept of having a drop box access is maybe outside the work or specific is a good idea you have a concentration - everyone for one meeting is in one place. >> instead of links i guess some of us can't assess drop boxes that may pose a problem how to deal with that approach but as far as i'm concerned, i believe that drop boxes of doing
9:17 am
it and we have everything in one location with the link that allows us to see all the documents. >> anyway, i just - >> another thing i want to say before i - the cost is not in the tablet itself today tablets are so cheap but the certify and the maintenance and the work i think this one may argue that 3 tablets or 7 the cost will be minimal relatively speaking if we've isn't it true a tablet system we all should have the option of using the tab let even if we're not at this time favorable it but having the investment you know of 50 or 70
9:18 am
or one hundred bucks a big item i may suggest. >> i don't mind presenting if you prefer if you feel comfortable we'll continue to do that and if we want to move if that direction of everyone using tablets as commissioner tour-sarkissian suggested to have them available as they feel confront that might be something. >> sounds like more research to be done. >> no, no action only to get further clarification. >> can i ask a few more questions so how many people would like to be able to take notes on the documents at home and bring
9:19 am
those notes with you. >> how can anyone do that print it out electronically. >> yeah. electronically electronically is that when you read the documents read them and want to look at them or whatever or keep your own notes on the documents saw that's the first step we shouldn't focus on the note taking right. >> we can read it and then write our notes on a pad that's what i do. >> and the electronic - >> get it that information to us and do. >> right. >> whatever is convenient for us to be informed and have it
9:20 am
available. >> it sounds like everyone want a reader instead of a binder and writing something down while they're taking but be able to assess what you got at home on an electronic part. >> get rid of the binder and start that that tablet loaded up with tonight document and see how that goes. >> i don't know if we can have a 3 functionality reader we have to figure that out. >> i don't know that - >> without. >> having purchased tablets for myself and the office of different of difference in the functionality is the price so even if we don't use that functionality at this stage but ought to move from paper to
9:21 am
electronic and get used to it and deal with the functionality if we could at least permit transition to electronic paper that will be a major achievement. >> i'll bet i'm get the largest one you asking can i don't want a tiny one that would be great if it is the former of the paper we're looking today i think it will make a larger reader they have the paper pitch at one point you know i mean within reason but they make one you know like smaller 8 and a half by 11. >> okay. >> where it is smaller conditional readerer and those can't be - >> i think with this we'll have to - there are certain
9:22 am
procurements with the requirement and have to work with the department of the environment in terms of - >> yeah. >> a conditional fire is $39. >> that's too small. >> i think we have enough of one more question that you - >> i want to clarify wifi access is a must for people to - based on our idea of all the materials in one place and one week at a time e-mails that is not assessable unless you have wifi. >> well, everything is wifi job i don't see why we feed - >> i'm assume will be there. >> with all the supporting documents.
9:23 am
>> for those agenda items but talking about a more context policy issue. >> there was before us articles i have to think about now that the president brought that up in a given meeting in my authorized to assess documents that are not part of public record. >> i don't think so yeah, that will be - we'll have to vet that but as part of the wifi assess for you to assess through a folder that has all the pertinent documents weeping we'll have to clarify the perimeters we operate under. >> i took the simple answer to
9:24 am
that sorry for repetitive zero in on having the record that we have today on a tablet 0 that should should be the focus. >> the stuff and supporting material the documents that you sent us an e-mail leading up to the meeting i think. >> part of the record. >> part of that package that is on the tablet each time and may or may not if you looked at the you're totally cool but there was something i saw on that. >> legacy business. >> on that thing and now have to look at up on the phone it should be there. >> true. >> okay. great. >> you can access your phone and but not limited to to the records for the legacy
9:25 am
businesses that meeting. >> that's fine. >> that's part of public viewing and the fact if we don't have it here is a hindrance but, of course, we've read it before the meeting and should have it before us if we want to refer to it; correct? i think that will be a major improvement for the hyper resolution. >> thank you. >> my other questions. >> i think we're good do we have my members of the public that want to amen on this item seeing none, public comment is closed. no action required so move on. >> i have to refer to the agenda in my binder. >> (laughter). >> all right. item no. 7
9:26 am
director's report update on the small business commission and the small business center department policy and legislative matters announcements in the mayor and announcements regarding small business activities. >> commissioners one it is not in the report but i just wanted to take the opportunity to oxygen oh, my god in mayor ed lee helped the sf council district merchant announce their contest for the november to remember last week, i was not able to attend but a nice event so i've - we started to work on scheduling out the new business presentations so i outlined them there for you there are a couple that are still to be determined as we need some additional
9:27 am
research and information us to be able to understand the time that is needed to provide you with the information that you'll want for the presentation. >> move on to the legacy business so you heard received a presentation at the last meeting in rick on the business assistance grant awardees most of majority of the grantees are applying for their vendor id for the direct deposit so as those are completing the process we're then submitting the grant
9:28 am
payment to the grantee february 27th is the last rules and regulations and not preached with questions from the supervisors on the rules and regulations so we anticipate everything will be fine and move forward we're setting up meetings with the new supervisors and over and over their staff to brief them on the legacy businesses program to understand the nomination process and scheduling training for all the aids even though some of the existing supervisors have new aids we want to make sure everyone is clear on the program and then i have been talking about the c r v redemption working on trying to finalize the proposal for
9:29 am
working with the department of the environment and assessable entryways i and richard from the department of building inspection and a couple of people will be meeting with supervisor tang to discuss an outreach to launch the entryway program may well be the first month that that properties don't have to do improvements will submit their documents. >> tomorrow afternoon is the small business leaders round table with the mayor so a lot of activities that the business leaders have been doing so we'll be able to provide a report to the player on that and the, of course, the mayor will be talking what to have in the city in light of the changes that have taken place or not yet but sort of threats took place from
9:30 am
washington, d.c. and then in terms of legislation so others 3 pieces of legislation that came out of the business groups working with jose cisneros two of them were signed by the mayor on friday approved and signed by the mayor one piece was extended for another week that is before the mayor that week that's fine those will be impacted with thirty days after signature and have the new legislation that was heard before the commission a new piece of legislation in regards to production distribution repair in the northeast mission area will be coming before you and then i think just what i
9:31 am
wanted to let you know there seems like quite a few hearing coming up and scheduled of interest to the business community i've provided a list of those hearings one we are going to be supervisor tang has asked for an update on the restaurant small business accelerator and katie will be doing that hearing and then supervisor fewer has asked for the waste management strategies and neighborhood handling litter and then the majority of supervisors have requested a hearing on the short term and long term strategies to reduce flooding during heavy rain we know there are certain areas of the city that businesses are tend to be more
9:32 am
impacted when we have heavy rain and a 5 year monitoring report from the eastern neighborhoods plan that is scheduled and a couple of more after that none of the hearings i've listed do i have a hearing date scheduled and so we will keep i updated or some took place between a merge weeping we'll provide you with a summary so unless any questions that concludes my report. >> commissioners any questions. >> any public comment on this item. >> i have one the question. >> say january 2017 on this program - so like in the task force presenting the one year report does that mean that
9:33 am
happened everything is already happened. >> i'm on page 3 of the directors i noticed a lot of dates i'm saying i'm assuming. >> oh, the cannabis task force did a presentation a couple of weeks ago i - >> yes. we will provide you with a report and a link to that and we will - i'll make sure that there are - because the cannabis task force meets monthly with the materials for the meeting come out we will make sure you get copies of that or your linked to those materials. >> any other destruction discussion is closed any public comment on this item? to comment seeing none, public comment is closed okay. >> on to the next time item. >> okay
9:34 am
item number 8 commissioners report allows the president and vice president to report on the small business activities and make announcements for the small business community. >> i attended the november to remember event at the mayor's office it was nice and had a great turnout actually so we'll see if it continues next year and even bigger and better that's all i have any other commissioners and i attend in the nen the neighborhood network are daniel. >> i wanted to give a shout out thank you to the folks who put together the cannabis tour for a number of us and it was very illuminating it really was helpful in looking at
9:35 am
what we will have coming front of the of united states i urge the commissioners to find a date to do this. >> we'll organ it. >> it was impressive and helpful. >> i haven't gone anyone else. >> i haven't but i will with another group. >> i will go to one. >> i also attended the tour that would be helpful the first time on the operations. >> looks like i may get a private tour (laughter) no samples and i also attended the january 30th meeting they call it business comes to city hall at the bay area so many of the department heads and supervisors attended here as well and we went through different things like helping affordability and
9:36 am
homelessness quality of life and with transportation condition this is fees and the board of supervisors you know they were all there and presented give an uh-huh what they're doing in the district. >> was interest my takeaways. >> or informational. >> the director was there more like or like an overview of city hall and don't think what is going on a really good overview with the departments and what projects they're working on and what is happening in the different districts. >> i attend that meeting that is instructive and heard about transportation issues that
9:37 am
concern businesses in the city and county of san francisco so was one attended a lot of people from the city and businesses were representative there as well i also would like to thank you for the cannabis tour that was informative and personally it was very revealing to me and an industry i will not i was not aware of in the city and county of san francisco thank you. >> any other director's report. >> sorry commissioner report comment on this item? >> scenes. >> new commissioners business
9:38 am
items for consideration. >> any new bus? >> anyone else want to comment on our lack of new business public comment is closed. next item, please. >> could we please have our slide sfgovtv? all right. the end of the meeting a quick reminder as our custom, we begin the small business commission with a reminder that the office of small business is the only small business is the only to start your business and the best place for getting the answers with your new or existing business. office of small business is your first stop when you have a question about what to do next and it is the policies and projects and issues that effect the economic vitality of the small businesses in the county of san francisco.
9:39 am
so if you need assistance with small business matters start here. at office of the small business commission >> item number ten adjournment. >> i move to adjourn the meeting. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> >> okay the meeting is adjourned at 7:12 p.m. >> and ham early valentine's day commissioners. >> oh, yes. >> oh, yes. >>
9:40 am
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9:44 am
>> we think over 50 thousand permanent residents in san francisco eligible for citizenship by lack information and resources so really the project is not about citizenship but really academy our immigrant community. >> making sure they're a part of what we do in san francisco the san francisco pathway to citizenship initiative a unique part of just between the city and then our 5 local foundations and community safe organizations and it really is an effort to get as many of the legal permanent residents in the san francisco since 2013 we started
9:45 am
reaching the san francisco bay area residents and 10 thousand people into through 22 working groups and actually completed 5 thousand applications for citizenship our cause the real low income to moderate income resident in san francisco and the bayview sometimes the workshops are said attend by poem if san mateo and from sacking. >> we think over restraining order thousand legal permanent residents in san francisco that are eligible for citizenship but totally lack information and they don't have trained professionals culturally appropriate with an audience you're working with one time of providing services with pro bono lawyers and trained professionals to find out whether your
9:46 am
eligible the first station and go through a purview list of questions to see if they have met the 56 year residents arrangement or they're a u.s. citizenship they once they get through the screening they go to legal communication to see lawyers to check am i eligible to be a citizen we send them to station 3 that's when they sit down with experienced advertising to fill out the 4 hundred naturalization form and then to final review and at the end he helps them with the check out station and send them a packet to fill and wait a month to 6 weeks to be invited in for
9:47 am
an oral examine and if they pass two or three a months maximum get sworn in and become a citizen every single working groups we have a learning how to vote i mean there are tons of community resources we go for citizenship prep classes and have agencies it stays on site and this is filing out forms for people that are eligible so not just about your 22 page form but other community services and benefits there's an economic and safety public benefit if we nationalize all people to be a citizen with the network no objection over $3 million in income for those
9:48 am
but more importantly the city saves money $86 million by reducing the benefit costs. >> thank you. >> i've been here a loventh i already feel like an american citizen not felt it motorbike that needs to happen for good. >> one day - i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, for liberty and justice for all. >> you're welcome.
9:49 am
>> (singing). >> (clapping.) >> introduce the san francisco field officer director ribbon that will mirror the oath raise your hand and repeat the oath i hereby declare on oath repeating. >> citizens cry when they become citizenship to study this difficult examine and after two trials they come back i'm an american now we're proud of that purpose of evasion so help me
9:50 am
god please help me welcome seven hundred and 50 americans. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> she wants to be part of the country and vote so much puppy. >> you know excited and as i said it is a long process i think that needs to be finally recognized to be integrated that is basically, the type of that i see myself being part of. >> out of everybody on tv and the news he felt that is necessary to be part of community in that way i can do
9:51 am
so many things but my voice wouldn't count as it counts now. >> it's everybody i hoped for a bunch of opportunities demographics and as you can see yourself there's a good life for everyone. >> that's why. >> you have people from all the walks that life and they're standing in water 8 hours to be an american citizen and contribute to the city and that's really what makes this
9:52 am
worthwhile. >> ♪ ♪.
9:53 am
>> it seems like everyone in san francisco is talking about housing san francisco housing prizes are among the highest it tops anyone million dollars and rent rise unfortunately, this is not the first time housing has been in the news thought california the cost of a home has made headline the medium prices for a house in the the $207,000 in california it is
9:54 am
more than twice that amount and the laura u bay area is higher it's more than doubled the states so while more than half of the americans can afford the medium fewer in california and quarter in the bayer and now fewer than a 6th of san franciscans can afford it so why it housing in san francisco so go cheven condition tharz the obviously a high demand to live here the city is known for cultural diversities that attacks new residents and the credible opportunity our city diverse and will daytime committee grows jobs as a result we estimate the number of jobs is at ann an all-time 0 hive of 6 hundred thousand in the 80 the
9:55 am
population was 6 hundred and 75 thousand now, it's grown steadily and quickly the recent estimate is 8 hundred and 40 thousand the highest in the city's history and it's not only san francisco it is greek the bay area has $2 million for residents and jobs then in the 80 and the growth is expected to continue by the year 20403.9 million people unfortunately, our housing supply does not keep up with the demand i might not realize the majority of construction is housing that's been suspended for years due to the 2008 recession while population is increasing the housing is only increasing that i 9 percent if we don't pursues housing the cost of housing
9:56 am
about only increase how do we plan the regional allocation identifies the total number of housing unit by affordable level to support the new residents san francisco incorporates it into the housing elements that guides the housing policies the arena data places it in the investment plans for the growth throughout san francisco those plans developed by years of community planning laid the ground work for the construction so the city he e sets the goals in broad terms the private sectors builds market rate housing and non-built affordability housing that majority of housing in san francisco as well as throughout the country market rate houses built by private developers within guidelines of the city
9:57 am
some below market rate you howls paid pie public and private dollars and prized to be variable to certain population housing is considered affordable if it costs less than 1/3rd the medium income for a 2 percent householder is $70,000 this householder will have to pay no more than $7,150 to be affordable san francisco has see long applied federal, state and local money often built and nonprofit tint for individual families the news cities in california what the inclusive program requires that 10 or ottawa more units to certain blow income levels or contribute to the fund that supports the
9:58 am
blow market rate unit almost 25 thousand have been supported by city funds and more than 6 nous thousand of the unit were built between 2000 and 2012 what you can't afford a million will home you're not alone in response san francisco mayor ed lee has set a goal of creating thirty thousand now e-mails homes by the year 2020 most will be in outreach of the san franciscan with federal and state funds drying up the san francisco ethics commission is, taking an iv i of actually roll is providing housing across all levels we're working diligently for everyone to live here and mr. chair protect the housing semiand strengthen goals
9:59 am
against evictions we're commented for housing needs for all san franciscans to learn more visit highway the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the san francisco county transportation authority for february 14, 2017 will begin shortly.
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